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You Should to Know What…

Should I give my credit card upfront?
Once we get the driver’s name, number and copy of the insurance policy, that’s when we will generate a contract. At that time, we will need your credit information to reserve your spot.
How can I prepare my car?
We recommend quarter gas tank and no more than 100 pounds inside the vehicle; if there’s more, let us know so we can consult with the driver.
Will the price change?
No. Once we put everything under contract the price is firm.
Can I track my vehicule?
Yes, you can. You will have company and driver’s number so you can track your vehicle.
How much stuff can I putt inside my vehicule?
With almost all the carriers, you are allowed to put up to 100 pounds, if it is more than that, the price may increase, but that is between you and the driver.
Is the vihecule going to stay on the same truck?
Yes, from point A to point B.


Our car was picked up promptly and delivered on time and as promised. The carrier was communicated well. We were very satisfied with the entire experience

Richard Peck

I liked the treatment of the customer service people so much … they didn’t go crazy with me when I asked them every hour where my car was … Sorry for the anxiety … Thank You

Robert Chapman

Dear Car Moving Professionals, you really win my brand loyalty with your quality in costumer services and how fast you are in the delivery process .. ..

Linda Thompson

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